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Maritime Company 49 methonis str Piraeus, Greece

About Us

In this short context we will try to describe SKY MARE’s march through the years, starting as from 2005, when as a newly established maritime office in the major port hub of Piraeus we tried to make our first unsure steps.  Since then, many milestones have marked the journey toward sustainable growth. By incorporating ahead of their time ideas and taking full advantage of the market trends, we have managed to return profits for a number of ship-owners who entrusted us.     Right from our early stages, the spine of MARCO POLO MARITIME LTD business activities, the predecessor of SKY MARE NAVIGATION CO, were focused on coastal shipping for a number of reasons. The major one, was and still is to serve North Sea routes, through strategic alliances deeply rooted in the shipping industry, allowing us to augment our commercial skills and reduce the ownership cost. This is still today, a strong, result-based management practice.     Another self-reliance idea we share is also that the management of a third-party shipping company, in its entirety, should be done in-house, in order to allow us for a better control over costs as well as quality and transparency of our services. Naturally this has been maintained throughout all these years by recruiting maritime professionals well versed with their specialty, with many years of experience each one of them in their field, both ashore and afloat.     In view of the fact that the composition of MARCO POLO shareholders was changed slightly in 2014, the new shape decided to pass the torch to SKY MARE NAVIGATION CO, continuing along the same successful path that had been the aim of its key components.     Summarizing our capabilities, Sky Mare Navigation offers quality-driven third-party ship management services with an owner’s approach, backed by experienced and qualified maritime professionals, within a team-orientated environment.


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