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Get access to world biggest sea jobs database with our Basic package. It’ll blow your mind.

With our basic account - get access to bigerst world sea jobs database.

Our Basic package allows you to browse all sea jobs on our website and see all contacts of all maritime companies.

You can contact them directly and send them your application to email directly.

You can browse and search sea jobs without limits.

Your application is available to mairitime companies only.

Pro package - Oh yeah, it’s that good. See for yourself.

Our pro package brings you ability to submit your uploaded application to any sea jobs you find.

One click apply feature allows you to apply for the job with one single click.

Forget about manual emails and hundreds of manual submissions - you click once and your application is sent to maritime company.

Save hours and days by using our PRO feature.

Ultra. Checkmate. That's how application process has to be.

And the main feature of Ultra package i automatic submission of your application to all new sea jobs of your rank and vessel type that appear in our database.

This is outstanding opportunity to find job quickly.

Ultra package has also all features of Pro and Basic.

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Position and vessel type
Starting date
Contract duration
Apply or view
4+/-2 months
2200 $ per month
4+/-2 months
2500 $ per month
4+/-2 months
3000 $ per month
5+/-3 months
2200 $ per month
8150-9150 $ per month
4+/-2 months
9300 $ per month
10000-11000 $ per month
4075-4375 $ per month
5 months
6800-8300 $ per month
6 +/-1
1244 $ per month
and other 4343 sea jobs in database

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