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„ABC Crewing” is specializing on dredging and off-shore vessel personnel maintaining. Currently „ABC Crewing” maintaining „Ekohidrotechnica Ltd.” vessels, and our fleet consists of 5 dredging vessels with a largest one named „POSEIDON I”. The agency was founded in 2010 and since than successfully screen qualified professionals for its fleet. During the agency existence period it’s been hired over a 1000 seafarers with most of them still working for us. Loyalty and continuation of service is encouraged by different initiatives to ensure a contented and professional workforce. „ABC Crewing” is a well reputable Latvian crewing agency, specializing in supplying particular seafarers from Latvia and closest to Latvia countries. „ABC Crewing” maintaining personal and giving professional service to both our clients and seafarers. Previous experience in similar dredging vessels is counted as benefit, because of work particularity our personnel has to have it, but we often hire seafarers without it. Many of our seafarers are long term employees some of which are serving on vessels managed by „ABC Crewing” in excess of 10 years. Currently we recruit marine personnel from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine an Belarus.

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