NavicTeam Crewing Agency LLC.

Maritime Company 16-311 Punane Street Tallinn, Harjumaa Estonia 13619

About Us

NAVICTEAM Ltd. is a Crewing Agency based in Tallinn, Estonia that can supply seafarers from Eastern, Northern Europe, CIS countries and Ukraine as well with experience on all types of vessels including Passenger fleet. By way of background the company was founded in 2015, from the former Schulte Group Recruiting and Shipping Office in Tallinn and is licensed by Estonian Authorities. The company is managed by fully trained and experienced personnel that have an in-depth understanding of business requirements. As a Crewing Agency we are able to perform all customary management functions related to crewing. We will also ensure that the vessel is manned by qualified and adequately trained Officers, Ratings and passenger vessels Hotel personnel as well.


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