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“TORI YUG” ltd company is specialized in operations regarding the preparation and application of paint materials at the ships of different purpose during the sailing. Timely elimination of various forms of corrosion and damages with the subsequent paintwork repair at the ships significantly reduces the time of dockage during the ship repair and prolongs the ships’ activity. The specialists, ship painters, have extensive experience in the ship construction and repair at the leading shipyards of Ukraine: SJSHC “Blacksea Shipyards”, “Okean” public company, Kherson shipyard, Illichevsk ship repair state company in the specialized paint companies. Every ship painter is certified according to his profession and has the marine and medical papers, as well as the Travel Insurance Policy. The company is ready to make the work both according to the Contract and in the crewing conditions. The painting company offer painting services on board the vessel during the voyage. 1. Planned repair of ballast tanks, holds, superstructures, hatch covers, open parts, etc. 2. Services of mixed teams: painter, welder, insulation specialist. 3. Preparation for vetting. 4. Urgent repair of paint coatings during the voyage. 5. Painting works combined with dry dock repair. 6. By agreement we perform the following types of work: - cargo residues removing, removing bottom deposits, bunker tanks cleaning, shifting from HFO to the MDO. 7. Quality control, audit, preparation of repair specifications, assessment of the condition of the coating by the inspector Frosio 3L. Our ship painters are qualified specialists, they have basic marine education of international standard, medicine, insurance, and visas for boarding a vessel. TORI YUG LTD- your reliable assistant in the operation of the fleet.

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