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Maritime Company Sodu str. 4, P.O. Box 95, Klaipeda, Lithuania Klaipeda, Lithuania

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Galaxy Express Limited, a mainly crew management company with its head office in Klaipeda, has “only” been in existence since 1996. But in this family-owned business there resides a wealth of shipping experience and know –how. Founder and general manager Captain Vladimir Kovaliov applies his deep knowledge of the industry to the activities of his company, the knowledge based on 40 years’ experience and fourth generation of family’s seamen including naval, merchant and fishing in the world of shipping. The main partner and spouse Irina Kovaliova, too, is actively involved in planning and executing crewing ideas within the framework of worldwide maritime shipping. Her fantastic punctuality, diligence and workability have brought a lot of benefits in the company’s success existence within the past years. Galaxy Express and it affiliated companies offer not only a comprehensive range of services typical of a crewing company – handling many aspects of ship management, chartering and operation – but also a trading service in Lithuania, Cyprus and Spain. The company attaches great importance to maintaining a close relationship with the client – it is regarded as a partnership – with the goal of developing the best possible service solution for him.

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